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Since 2001 by Alex P. Jäger

01 Acid Junkies President Incident
A1 Zip Code
A2 Broccolicorn
B1 Bragada
B2 Chipoleptic

02 DJ ESP Genius Of Fun E.P.
A Picnic In The Park
B Roughrider

04 Acid Warrior Acid Will Never Die
A1 Music And Your Mind
A2 Psychoneutronic
B1 Psychotomimetic
B2 Acute Shizophrenia
B3 Remember

05 DJ Pumphead Rock’n Roll
A1 Rock
A2 Lemon Box
B1 Weedwood
B2 Acid Bomb

06 Plank Acid War 2.0
A1 Acid War (DJ ESP Soundburnt Remix)
A2 Acid War (Original Version)
B1 Acid War (Acid Junkies Remix)
B2 Acid War Part 2 Co-producer – Rob Acid

08 DJ ESP Genius Of Fun! #2
A1 Gimme Some Love
A2 Life Of The Part
B Watch Me Doing My Thing

09 303 Child Believe Or Not
A Believe Or Not
B1 Sally Is Coming
B2 Doo The Boo

10 DJ Pumphead Ghettoblaster EP
A1 Do It From The Back
A2 Yo Man!
B1 Die 303
B2 Pump-Ixess

12 Brixton Still Horny!
A1 P Play
A2 Selector
B1 Work the Wok
B2 Ha Ha

14 2Junxion Freaked Outta Acid
A1 The Dreamer
B1 Freaked Outta Acid
B2 Preparade

15 Sorgenkint Sex, Drugs And AcidTechno
A1 Fuckin’ Cut Off
A2 Das Heulen Der Maschinen
B1 Sex, Drugs And AcidTechno
B2 Fuck Da Brain

16 Acid Warrior 303 In Love
A1 303 In The City
A2 Headcleaner
B1 Waverider
B2 Butterfly

17 Roland Casper Strong Box
A1 Strong Box (Original Mix)
A2 Strong Box (Rob Acid Rmx)
B1 Fork You
B2 Aha

18 Acid Junkies B.O.D.Y. (Ten Years In Your Ears)
A1 Machines From Hell
A2 Fastbite
B1 Wanna Kiss Myself
B2 Leftturner
C1 Abratank
C2 Beatup
D1 Heibell
D2 Polymer
D3 Body Talk

20 Acid Monster Monster Acid Track
A1 Monster Acid Track (Original)
B1 Monster Acid Track (DJ Pumphead Remix)

21 DJ ESP Dragon Breath EP
A1 Dragon Breath
A2 Dragon Breath (Vocal)
B1 Dragon Bite
B2 Dragon Shit

22 DJ Pumphead Fucking Famous
A Fucking Famous (Breakbeat Version)
B1 Fucking Famous (Techno Version)
B2 Fucking Famous (Acidhouse Version)

23 Sorgenkint Swingerclub EP
A1 Swingerclub
A2 This Is Acid
B1 Gangbang
B2 Do It Yourself

24 DJ Pumphead Four To The Floor
A1 Funky
A2 That’s Right
B1 Dj Producer
B2 Legator Bassline

25 DJ ESP Kill Your Television
A1 Kill Your Television
A2 Whoopdeedoo!
A3 Untitled
A4 Untitled
A5 Untitled
A6 Untitled
B1 The Numba
B2 Corn in my Shorts
B3 Untitled
B4 Untitled
B5 Untitled
B6 Untitled

26 Brixton Polska
A1 Polska
A2 Nasoli
B1 Budkowice
B2 Stare Budkowice

27 DJ Man At Arms Acid Killer
A1 Acid Killer (The Horrorist Mix)
Remix – Horrorist, The
A2 Acid Killer (Original)
B1 Acid Killer (DJ Pumphead Mix)

28 Rob Acid vs. Roland Casper Face 2 Face
A Face 2 Face
B1 Goulash
B2 Peeler

29 2Junxion Acid Rock / 2012
A Acid Rock
B 2012

30 DJ Man At Arms vs. Sorgenkint Pain For Your Brain
A1 Wild Boyz
A2 Dick Man
B1 Pain For Your Brain
B2 New School Acid

31 Acid Junkies Acid Plant Vol. 1
A Pimps
B1 Acid Is Gonna Get U
B2 Motortek

32 Paul Birken Speaker Freakin’
A Speaker Freakin’ (Masterblaster Remix)
B1 Speaker Freakin’ (DJ Man At Arms Remix)
B2 Speaker Freakin’ (Original)

34 Acid Junkies Acid Plant Vol. 2
A Trippler
B1 Whoop It (Pleasure For DJs Edit)
B2 Whoop It (Original)


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